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Our Mission

People all over the world are suffering from a disease called hopelessness. It strikes people of every age, culture, and ethnic background. It may start off with nothing but physical symptoms, but it quickly spreads to infect the heart and soul of its victims.

Faith love and hope are indeed the immunization needed to fight off the social, economic and physical ills that are sweeping through our world at epidemic proportions. We help because people need help.

All the money and all the programs in the world are not the solution. People need to feel loved and cared for. They need to be listened to, touched, encouraged and believed in. Our programs aren't just designed to provide medical treatment or poverty relief. They are directed toward helping people regain their worth and realize their potential. To discover and develop their ability to help them, while experiencing the love and support. This can only happen when people help other people. It's not the program or the organization that people will remember, it's the people that cared enough to help.

We help, because the scriptures call us to serve the poor and needy.  As Jesus taught his disciples the lessons of service, sacrifice, and love, we strive to meet the needs of others and provide opportunities to individuals wanting to meet those needs.

Reaching Out to You’s mission is simple: Bring love and hope to our community. Through our five programs we treat the sick, feed the hungry, house the homeless, comfort the downcast, educate the poor and provide loving homes for the abandoned